Thanksgiving Rally of the 99% Encachimbado and Indignado in El Salvador

Capitalist globalization has forced governments all over the world to prioritize the economic interests of the richest 1% of the global population over basic needs such as education, health care and employment for the other 99% of humanity.  Faced with a corrupt democratic process, staggering social inequality and an ecological crisis which threatens life itself, the 99% has risen up against this injustice in over 1,500 cities all over the world, through the Occupy Movement in the United States and the Indignados Movement in Spain and other European countries, and through a wealth of local and national alternatives in Latin America and around the world.
This informal network of global resistance is constituted by autonomous movements that strive to be open, horizontal and democratic- an organizational model for a new global system based on human dignity and the rights of Mother Earth, not profits.  

On this Thanksgiving Day we join this global resistance movement as national and international residents of El Salvador, gathered in front of the U.S. Embassy to protest the U.S. government’s subservience to the interests of the global 1% which negatively affects people all over the world.

We specifically demand an end to the following  transnational policies in Central America:

  • The Free Trade Model that destroys local economies , victimizes workers and the poor, and protects corporate interests over national sovereignty. For example, in El Salvador, Pacific Rim, a Canadian mining company, is using a World Bank tribunal to sue the the Salvadoran government for protecting their own environment and communities.

  • Regional Militarization Strategies that criminalize social protest, subject national security systems to  intervention and supervision by the U.S. government and facilitate violent repression of activities that jeopardize the interests of global capital, exemplified by the collusion between U.S. and Honduran political-military forces in the 2009 ousting of President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras. Since the coup in Honduras, farmers, women, youth, the LGBTQ community and activists have been the victims of increasing state repression and human rights violations.  

  • Environmental Destruction and Climate Change that has largely been caused by greenhouse gas emissions of the U.S. and other highly industrialized countries.  Central America recently suffered Tropical Depression 12 `E, whose devastating intensity is widely considered to have been a result of climate change.  In El Salvador, this storm caused 34 deaths, the evacuation of 50,000 people from their homes and losses in infrastructure and agriculture estimated at 850 million dollars.  Meanwhile the U.S. continues to increase its emissions and block meaningful national and international action on global warming.       

We stand together today, citizens of the Americas and beyond, united with the global Occupy movement to promote alternatives to this inherently flawed system like economies of solidarity, fair trade, food sovereignty, fair tax systems, participatory democracy: a global system that puts people and the environment before profits. We are here to liberate our governments and our planet from corporate occupation and to take them back for the people.

Voceros (Interviews in Spanish or English)

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