Urgent Action! Anti-mining Activists Detained in Honduras

Teacher and environmentalist from Siria Valley, Carlos Amador and Marlon Hernandez (at least), was detained this morning in their community of El Porvenir roughly 2 hours ago. Apparently the police have capture orders for all the community leadership (patronato) & are carrying them out as we speak.

Carlos Amador & the patronato have been long time activists fighting against Canadian mining company, Entremares, subsidary of Goldcorp & large scale logging in Siria Valley pushed by a golpista family known to have a close relationship with Entremares.

This is an attempt to criminalize the struggle by the Siria Valley Environmental Committee once again & persecute those involved in resisting mining and logging. Mid last year, there was an incident where families of Siria Valley gathered together to stop the entrance of logging machines on a piece of land, the gathering was violently repressed & one person was killed. These detentions are thought to have something to do with the incident.

Please call the police station where Carlos & others thought to be arrested are being held: Talanga – (504) 2775-8261