U.S. to Build Military Base in Honduras

The AP has reported that the U.S. plans to help Honduras build a military base in the northeast part of the country near the Nicaraguan border to help combat  drug trafficking.

"It’s a zone where there is conflict and problems, therefore we  need to have  greater presence," said Gen. Romeo Vasquez, the head of the  joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces who took classes at the  School of the Americas.

The base will house aircraft, a fuel supplying system, and U.S. soldiers—if needed.

The U.S. State Department describes Honduras as being a close Washington ally since the 1980’s when that country’s government "supported U.S. policy opposing a revolutionary Marxist government in Nicaragua  and an active leftist insurgency  in El Salvador." Coincidentally, Nicaragua has an upcoming election featuring Sandanista candidate Daniel Ortega, one of the men and women who helped bring the "revolutionary Marxist government" to Nicaragua by overthrowing the U.S. backed Somoza dictatorship.

The State Department also notes that Honduras was one of the first countries to sign a bilateral agreement exempting U.S. government and miltary peronnel (past and present) from the International Criminal Court for war crimes and other crimes against humanity.This would protect the U.S. from rulings like the one the World Court made in 1986, charging Washington  with "unlawful use of force", or terrorism, for its support of the Contras and other actions carried out covertly and overtly by the the U.S. government, the CIA and the military.