WikiLeaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, Released April 10-24, 2011

Note: Wikileaks experienced a 15 day backlog recently, which they cleared with the release of a whole bunch of cables about a week ago. I haven’t gotten through the entire batch, but here’s a selection of cables from the last two weeks.


USG: Argentina quit publishing crime stats cuz “most of the statistics provided by the provinces were false” #cablegate

Earl Wayne, former US Ambassador to Argentina, writes the most boring cables ever. Is Kabul a promotion or a demotion? #cablegate

Argentina plays along with DEA’s efforts to show “concrete progress” on drug policy #cablegate

US post in BsAs asks US Treasury to come down for a visit before linking tri-border area groups to Hezbollah #cablegate

US makes it clear that DEA funded/led policing must be integrated with general law enforcement #cablegate#Argentina

Colombian Minister of Defense, 2009: officials responsible for false positives still holding office #cablegate

USG: Israeli contractor promised cheaper version of USG assistance “without our strings attached” #cablegate #Colombia

Member of Israeli defense firm stole intel from GoC and tried to sell it to the FARC #cablegate #Colombia

Must read cable for anyone wondering how involved Israel is in the conflict in Colombia: #cablegate

USG: Through 80s and 90s, “Israeli mercenaries reportedly helped train paramilitary forces in Colombia” #cablegate

Colombia sought to share intel with Israeli contractors, sent counter narcotics officers to Afghanistan #cablegate

Santos & Wood clink their glasses, and make a toast to glysophate #cablegate #colombia

2006, Santos asks US how to spend wealth tax, considered Israeli training program #cablegate #Colombia

Colombian Embassy in Lima staffed by individuals as a reward for political support for Uribe #cablegate

Cable on ELN negotiations ends with major chisme: a guerrilla commander who will only wear Yves St. Laurent #cablegate

Extensive description of Plan Colombia Phases I and II #cablegate

US wanted Uribe to change extradition law to include demobilized paracos #cablegate #looksafterhisown

Ex-IDF soldier recalls his kidnapping by ELN #Colombia

US training of Colombian police & army, circa 2004: #cablegate

2004 cable outlines Colombia’s privatization policies: #cablegate

Cold war era cable (1987) on guerrilla movements in Colombia #cablegate

USG playing collections agent for Nortel in Colombia #cablegate

Colombian Trade Min on FTA: Farm workers who lose jobs growing corn & rice likely to turn to illicit crops #cablegate

USG: Of 17,607 of new asylum seekers in Ecuador in 2008, 85% were Colombian #cablegate #displacement #drugwar


Chile set to remain world’s #1 producer of lithium #cablegate

Bachelet gov’t in Chile asked USG for help w energy policy, US mentions the possibility of nuclear power #cablegate

Between 1994 and 2003, Chile’s exports to China grew by 1,299 percent, primarily copper, fish, paper #cablegate


USAID funded Participacion Ciudadana is Ecuador’s most influential elections monitoring organization #cablegate

Gov’t appointed commissioner in Ecuador says the country is becoming a “narco-democracy” #cablegate

Gov’t named commissioner into Colombian bombing in Ecuador promises USG he won’t bring up Manta

And then, the same Ecuador Commissioner proceeds to link Manta to the bombing. Good talker, this one. #cablegate

USG supports limiting free movement of people in interior of Ecuador “for reasons of national security” #cablegate

Bonus: Ecuador Expels U.S. Ambassador Over WikiLeaks Cable #cablegate

Ok no wonder Ecuador booted the US ambassador, these cables show utter contempt for Correa’s govt #cablegate

GoE objected to “significant USG control over the actions of Ecuadorian law enforcement personnel and teams” #cablegate

Limits of host country leadership for USAID spending revealed #cablegate #Ecuador

USG: “Sovereignty: GoE Code for Collaborating on Its Terms” #cablegate

While they’re at it, AFL-CIO delegates in Ecuador also talk smack about unions #cablegate #nakedemperor

NDI hack tells USG that Correa has to continue to manage Indigenous groups with a “mano duro” [sic] #cablegate

USG: Correa’s divide and conquer strategy towards social movements “good for Ecuador” #cablegate

Cable demonstrates USG and Correa’s contempt for Indigenous folks in Ecuador: #cablegate

2006: Colombia gets intel about Ecuador from USG: #cablegate

2005: Former Ecuadorian Prez tells USG his predecessor is responsible for unrest in oil producing areas #cablegate

USG kissed up to Ecuador’s military so that they’d put pressure on Correa gov’t. Hodges sure was wily #cablegate

USG had their underpants in a knot about selling fighter jets to Ecuador #cablegate

USG makes Ecuador aware that risks of $150 mil loan from Iran outweigh benefits #cablegate

Another conniving cable from Hodges, former US ambassador to Ecuador, on money laundering/terror finance #cablegate

Central Bank of Ecuador manager cowers to US for bank dealings with Iran #cablegate
Correa called Ecuadorian private TV network Teleamazonas “a sewer with antennas” #cablegate #gooddis

Detailed cable on US reading of the state of the media in Ecuador #cablegate
USG encourages disgust at Guayasamin mural in Ecuador Nat’l Assembly. Mural: Cable: #cablegate

USG calls Correa’s openness to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia independence “intellectual hypocrisy” #cablegate

USG on $1bn advance payment by PetroChina for oil from PetroEcuador #cablegate

USG obviously pleased by February 2010 protest against Correa led by Guayaquil mayor Nebot #cablegate

USG: Yasuni-ITT initiative in Ecuador “fully consistent” with REDD #cablegate


April 2009: Panama hands over alleged FARC members to USG, bypassing Panamanian legal system entirely #cablegate

US Embassy pushes Martinelli to get his head around counterinsurgency #cablegate

Martinelli on choosing btween USG and Israeli military assistance: “We don’t want to change friends” #cablegate #Panama

USG “frequently acts as the GOP’s strategic planning and analysis arm” on security affairs #cablegate #Panama

US bent on showing close correlation between Panama’s domestic crime & international drug trafficking #cablegate

Gov’t of Colombia won’t bomb Panama without US blessing #cablegate

USG pissed that head of Panama’s intel agency doesn’t trust DEA, prepared to “work around” him #cablegate

USG: potential Colombian mil action in Panama violation of intl law. Didn’t say that w/Ecuador bombing #cablegate

US calls Colombian army off Darien region in Panama cause a raid would impact US military ops #cablegate

USG calls Martinelli’s candidates for supreme court appointment corrupt & blackmailer #cablegate

Panama City mayoral candidate Roberto Velasquez funded by alleged Colombian money-launderer David Murcia #cablegate

Panama-US FTA is “not centrally about trade” but instead “an investment in a partnership with the US” #cablegate

USG: Panamanians take to the streets often, and win #cablegate

US Embassy in Panama sought funds from Dept. of Defense for counter-insurgency program in Darien region

USG looks to use Merida Initiative funds to set up a “tattoo data bank” for tracking gang members in Panama #cablegate

The U.S. Coast Guard has the right to enter Panama’s territorial waters in pursuit of drug traffickers #cablegate

Panama lies at the junction of five high bandwidth submarine fiber optic cables #cablegate

USG: Merida Initiative has an “image problem” in Panamá #cablegate

USG: Panama think tank FUDESPA “has potential to be a solid catalyst for U.S. programs and priorities” #cablegate

USG: Panama’s political parties have no real policy differences other then how to treat Torrijos/Noriega era #cablegate

USG: Institutionalizing community policing is the “best way to respond” to Panama’s crime/gang problem #cablegate

A note on US SOUTHCOM Joint Planning Assistance Team and Counter Narco-Terrorist training teams in Panama #cablegate

Minister of Gov’t “complained that Panama was being overwhelmed by the effects of ‘Plan Mexico.'” #cablegate
USAID money considered to be well spent when funded local groups begin to demand militarization #cablegate #Panama

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