WikiLeaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, Released July 11-23, 2011


GoB found close US embassy contact w/ “human rights” NGO in New York was behind cell planning to kill Morales

Info on the members of cell accused of bomb & plot to kill Morales, incl Irish & Hungarian mercenaries #cablegate

USG dismisses conspiracy to overthrow Morales in ’09 #cablegate


Wikileaks dropped approx 4000 cables yesterday, most on Brazil

World Cup & Olympics in Brazil used to push telecoms infrastructure spending #cablegate

1,137 police killings documented as resisting arrest in Rio state in 2008 #cablegate #Brazil

USG: Brazil at loss on how to protect Embassy in Tegucigalpa & negotiate itself out of standstill in Honduras #cablegate

Brazil suggested blocking remittances from US to Honduras after coup essentially as a form of sanctions #cablegate

Brazilian diplos in post-coup Honduras only had contact w military, thx to assistance from the US Embassy #cablegate

Cable shows divergence between gov’t of Brazil and Petrobras, US weighs intervention on behalf of US oil cos #cablegate

Brazil mining min. suggested joint US-Brazil campaign refuting idea that biofuel crops impact food production #cablegate


DFAIT considered opening democracy promotion centre in Lima, security training centre in Panama #cablegate

DFAIT: “The Latinos don’t want the US at the table and they see Canada as an extension of the US” #cablegate

DFAIT: Harper was committed to supporting President Uribe despite potential domestic political costs. #cablegate

Canada’s commitment to Haiti: road building, school curriculum, police, border posts, coast guards #cablegate

Dade of @focal_news Canada must spend more on Americas as “all the low hanging fruit has already been picked”

Canada’s Harper era sub-imperialism in Americas “inspired” by Australian model #cablegate


USG intent on ensuring that Colombia draw firm line between narcos & paras #cablegate

Cable shows US role in Colombia’s “Justice & Peace” law #cablegate

Ugh, @wikileaks, why out the accused and not the snitches? Nasty choices here as Colombian labour implodes #cablegate


Rare first person cable shows complexity of US maneuvers and narrative building in Haiti in ’05 #cablegate

Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce requested US troop presence in Haiti in ’05 #cablegate

Fascinating cable documents meeting w/Bahamas PM as 2004 coup goes down in Haiti #cablegate

USG met w Bahamas gov’t in ’03 to see about invoking democracy provision of the OAS Charter against Aristide #cablegate

Cable on backroom discussions between foreign govts and int’l orgs in lead up to Haiti elections post coup #cablegate

State Dept lackeys believe they can back a coup w/o consequences, ie. kidnappings “not political” #cablegate #Haiti

Cable on moving “demobilized” FADH (armed forces) into Haitian police #cablegate

Haitian elite arming the cops under US supervision #cablegate

Transnationals in Haiti operating amid “urban warfare” incl CEMEX, TOTAL, DINHASA, TEXACO, MADSEN, SOGENER

Revealing cable shows MINUSTAH responds to Haitian elite & US embassy prodding #cablegate


In ’06, USG & Govt of Mexico saw “best opportunity in years for progress in Central America” #cablegate

By ’09, Colombian police were training Mexican cops in San Luis Potosi & Ciudad Juarez #cablegate

Cable shows Canada’s itching to get in on more police training or high profile security aid in Mexico #cablegate


3 of 6 arrests in major ’07 Paraguay drug bust were cops. “US dollars at work” indeed. #cablegate

Cable on immunity for members of US army in Paraguay #cablegate

Cable on US-Brazil-Paraguay coordinated gang busting in Paraguay #cablegate

Last week, the full chat transcripts between alleged Wikileaks whistle blower Bradley Manning (who remains in prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas awaiting trial) and “journalist” turned informant Adrian Lamo were released. Click here to read the transcripts, and here to learn about one key detail revealed in the chat logs attributed to Manning.