WikiLeaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, Released June 27-July 10, 2011


Lula’s foreign policy advisor admits secret relations with Pepe Lobo in February 2010 #cablegate #Honduras #Brazil

Brazil gov’t: “President Morales is more moderate than his words or image indicate” #cablegate

Global mining insiders complain Brazil enviro regs too strict #cablegate

USG: As Brazil’s economic & political clout continues to grow, US needs in policing will continue to rise #cablegate

American Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo is the US’s largest bilateral CC in the world #cablegate


Anti-tank weapons sold by USG to Honduras in ’80s & ’90s turn up in Ciudad Juarez & Colombia #cablegate

Land titles and resource claims of key importance for Afro-Colombians living in conflict zone #cablegate

Another cable on Israeli security contractor attempting to sell Colombian intel to the FARC #cablegate

Colombia-Israel reln’s based on strategic military advice, special forces training, and arms sales #cablegate

Ex-IDF advisor helps Colombia see threats in Venezuela and Ecuador, code name “strategic leap” #cablegate


Late 2009 cable shows Cuba “giving unprecedented access to its state institutions” to USG #cablegate

Pastors for Peace alum rats to USG that leaders encourage non-contact with US embassy in Cuba

Cuban blogger @yoanisanchez makes State Dept. dissidents list, but few asylum seekers know who she is #cablegate


3 major Chinese oil conglomerates active in Ecuador, whispers of China-India oil exploration JV in Colombia #cablegate


Guatemalan soldiers who sold weapons to Zetas sent home, but not arrested #cablegate

Huh. CICIG working with Guatemala congress on streamlining extradition law #cablegate


Canadians admit ex-GG Michaëlle Jean favoured former PM Michele Pierre-Louis during Haiti visit in ’09 #cablegate

UN asked USG to ease arms embargo on sales to Haitian National Police #cablegate

USG: MINUSTAH role in Haiti is “to pacify the slums” #cablegate

Haiti “a model for future UN post-disaster efforts” #cablegate

“Senator Youri Latortue may well be the most brazenly corrupt of leading Haitian politicians” #cablegate

USG: MINUSTAH “do not have a clear understanding… of how respect parliamentary immunity” #cablegate #Haiti

Cable notes US & UN efforts to keep Aristide out of Haiti #cablegate

USG supports “student and other peaceful, non-political ‘base movements'” in Port Au Prince

US suggested LaTortue gov’t give “demobilized” soldiers #cablegate #Haiti

USG gushes praise at ex Cdn GG Jean’s visit to Haiti #cablegate

Cable documents meeting between Youri Latortue and USG in #cablegate #Haiti


Gov’t of Mexico wary of USG biofuel policy & corn based ethanol production #cablegate


USG: The nature of our programs essentially extends our homeland security out from the US border to Panama’s #cablegate

USG working to build up Panama as a “third border”, where people and goods coming to the US can be screened #cablegate

Another note on Salas-Becker deal, which allows US to board one third of all cargo ships in the world #cablegate

US – Panama Salas Becker agreement allows US Coast Guard to patrol & board Panama flagged ships #cablegate

A note on “Matador,” the US phone intercept program in Panama #cablegate

Panama Minister of Justice “conned a Canadian businessman out of $600,000” months before his inauguration #cablegate

“Very few” of the anti-drug/security programs USG carries out in Panama are generally known to Panamanians #cablegate

USG very pleased with Panama’s obliging and creative extradition techniques (of non-nationals) #cablegate

USG: Panama’s [security] help is much more critical to us than it is to Panama #cablegate

Repeat cable, but bears repeating: US Ambassador invited to weekly gov’t security briefings in Panama #cablegate

Cable on Martinelli’s takeover of DEA wiretap program to spy on domestic political opposition #cablegate #Panama

Panama prez Martinelli to USG via Blackberry: “I need help with tapping phones” #cablegate

Cable shows Martinelli government chalk full of husslers & con men #cablegate #Panama


Tabaré Vasquez was totally two faced on FTA ambitions with the US #cablegate

Exposing young Uruguayans to US language & culture can be a powerful response to influence of leftist leaders #cablegate


Cable dissects 2006 World Social Forum in Caracas #cablegate #Venezuela

USG’s “ten tenets of Chavismo” tell more about the USG then they do about Venezuela #cablegate

USG in a huff that Venezuelan gov’t wont accept large boxes as diplomatic pouches #cablegate

USG defends Domino’s Pizza and McDonalds’ right to have whatever sales they want #cablegate #democracywithfreedomfries

USG: Re-framing Chavez’ insults w/defenses of democracy and free enterprise continues to pay dividends #cablegate

USG recalls the Caracazo as “rioting that helped discredit Venezuela’s traditional political parties” #cablegate

Wow, even the 25-inch tall talking Chavez doll doesn’t escape USG attention #cablegate

Chavez-speak for George W. Bush: the little gentleman, the drunkard, Mister Danger, Satan #cablegate

Retired Venezuelan cardinal whispers sweet nothings into the USG’s ears #cablegate

Yep, the USG can make Chavez gov’t legal process around ’02 coup attempt seem like nefarious politicking #cablegate

Globovision claims innocence in failed ’02 coup attempt in Venezuela #cablegate

US Ambassador to Venezuela: “In a democracy, elections can serve as an escape valve.” #cablegate

PDVSA chief meets US ambassador at second rung residence, didn’t want to be seen entering embassy #cablegate

Cable notes dispute between PDVSA affiliate & New Brunswick Power #cablegate

Venezuela exports 1.4-1.6 million barrels of crude per day to the US (’04 data) #cablegate

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