WikiLeaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, Released June 6-26, 2011


Colombians now represent the single largest group of refugees granted asylum in Argentina #cablegate

USG happy with first round of privatization at ECOPETROL, Colombia’s formerly state oil company #cablegate

USG: CIDA “will indirectly contribute to social development and consolidation in CSDI zones.” #cablegate #Colombia

Canada could use “Global Peace and Security fund,” granted to Afghanistan, Haiti & Sudan, in Colombia #cablegate

Canada “does not have the ‘strategic responsibility’ to ensure the stability of the Colombian state.” #cablegate

Colombia model: before “development” can take place, the military and cops must “secure” the territory #cablegate

Colombian official: “it is difficult to extend the state presence of a democracy” #cablegate

The USG’s successor to Plan Colombia is called the Colombia Strategic Development Initiative #cablegate

USG: Colombia provides lessons w/respect to challenges facing US elsewhere, esp Afghanistan and Pakistan. #cablegate

Colombian senate prez Gutierrez blamed @piedadcordoba for denouncing threats on her life while in the US #cablegate

US embassy continued to work with DAS in Colombia after corruption allegations began to surface #cablegate


US Deputy Chief of Mission claims Cuban gov’t broke into residence and poisoned his pet #cablegate

USG inquiry into former Salvador prez Antonio Saca: The man likes to eat #cablegate

USG: Colombian agrarian program that enriched large landowners a case of “faulty design” & “bad optics” #cablegate


USG advocates privatization of Petroecuador, campaign around corruption & transparency as first step #cablegate


Funes gov’t in El Salvador emphasizes “FMLN does not speak for the GOES on foreign policy matters” #cablegate #golpista

USG pushed for wiretap legislation in El Salvador #cablegate

El Salvador home to three important US run military/police centers #cablegate

US interested in running unmanned aircraft from Comalapa base (Cooperative Security Location) in El Salvador #cablegate


Back in ’04 drugs didn’t much figure into US-Guatemala diplomacy #cablegate

UN payment to Guatemala for sending 650 soldiers to Haiti “so lucrative as to be a source for modernization” #cablegate


US, UN pushed refugee camps in Haiti to hesitant Preval administration post earthquake #cablegate

USG concern with @AJEnglish coverage of Haiti quake response #cablegate

USG went on media offensive in Bolivia after criticism following Haiti earthquake #cablegate

Brazil asked USG to better coordinate with other MINUSTAH forces in Haiti post earthquake #cablegate

USG: DR “is correct in seeing the Haiti earthquake as both a threat and an opportunity in economic terms” #cablegate

There’s a suite of cables here sent from Port Au Prince directly following the ’10 quake in Haiti #cablegate

Cable gives US overview of immediate aftermath of ’10 quake in Haiti #cablegate

USG: Haiti has the lowest wages in the western hemisphere… about USD 1.75 per day #cablegate

Cable on student protests in Port Au Prince #cablegate #Haiti


USG helped write privatization scheme for Air Jamaica #cablegate

Jamaican gov’t outlines first step in shift to local/municipal service provision circa 2008 #cablegate


Is it really a measure of success that cartels are turning to kidnapping and extortion? #cablegate #Mexico

USG: “Mexico must build up its civil police… to fill much of the space currently occupied by the military” #cablegate

USG: “the lack of cooperation between police and military in Matamoros may reflect the worst of the worst” #Cablegate

Cable on 2/10 firefight between Mexican Army and Zetas shows confusion reigns in Nuevo Laredo #cablegate #Mexico

Zetas disrupt BBQ attended by US diplomats in Nuevo Laredo #cablegate #Mexico

USG warm to the idea of rolling municipal police in Mexico into state level organizations #cablegate

Merida Initiative, delayed due to interagency issues, proposes to improve interagency communication in Mexico #cablegate

Key cable for anyone wishing to understand US perceptions of/interests in intelligence gathering in Mexico #cablegate

2009: ” USG-GOM cooperation, while not flawless, has never been better.” #cablegate #Mexico

How long ’til SSP becomes like a Mexican version of Colombia’s DAS? #cablegate

USG: “Military units deployed to hotspots operate virtually blind except for anonymous tips.” #cablegate #Mexico

Mexico’s Public Security Secretariat (SSP) building phone intercept, can access phone co info w/o warrant #cablegate

USG: “Mexico’s use of strategic and tactical intelligence is fractured, ad hoc, and reliant on US support.” #cablegate

More state language from USG on human rights. I’m stymied. This one needs an essay, not a tweet. #cablegate #Mexico

USG would like to see de-centralized policing in Mexico, with more control at state level #cablegate

Key step for USG after Merida phase one is to have Mexican police & army respond to US intel #cablegate

Cable on the “new architecture” of state control in Mexico post Merida Initiative #cablegate

Cable details meeting w/ ICE and Mexican politicos, incl info on intel sharing & public rel’ns strategies #cablegate

US Rep. asks Mexico to publicize “success” of Merida Initiative, so as to convince US congress it’s working #cablegate

USG happy to “help shape the future” of the Mexican police #cablegate

USG calls escape of Chapo Guzman “embarrassing” #cablegate #mexico

2007 cable on “professionalization” of Mexican police #cablegate


USG finds support on Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast, as many families there depend on remittances for survival #cablegate

“Should You Buy Real Estate and Retire in Nicaragua?” Short answer: No. Long answer: No way. #cablegate

Murdered police boss in Nicaragua not reported missing for five days because it was his birthday… #cablegate

A nice dose of doublespeak: USG commitment to good relations with the Sandinistas remains firm #cablegate

List of “pro-democracy” anti-Ortega projects seeking funds forwarded from US Embassy in Nicaragua to DC #cablegate

USG saw “excellent opportunity to harness [labor] unrest” against Daniel Ortega’s government in ’07 #cablegate

In return for a $510,000 grant, USG got to draft new law permitting privatization of ports in Nicaragua #cablegate

Dole fruits offers $6000 for those sterilized cause of pesticides, $2000 for low sperm count #cablegate #Nicaragua

USG: Brazilians interested in accessing US market for ethanol exports via Nicaragua #cablegate

US oil companies in Nicaragua had laws changed in “negotiations” for concessions, and it backfired #cablegate

Huh. US State Dept uses comments posted after online news articles to gauge public opinion. #cablegate #Nicaragua

USG used USAID money funneled thru IRI and NED to support congressional opposition to the Sandinistas in ’07 #cablegate

100+ cables from Managua just released, can’t get through them all #cablegate #Nicaragua

USG: the “Ortega administration also has not proven susceptible to international pressure” #cablegate

USG: Nicaragua private sector ambivalent on need to “defend democratic institutions and the free markets” #cablegate

“U.S. foreign policy does not condone or recognize the right to abortion” #cablegate #Nicaragua

USG used disaster relief on N. Atlantic coast in Nicaragua to undermine Sandinistas #cablegate


When 1,198 HA are actually 1,698 HA: USG numbers game for calculating coca eradication in Peru #cablegate

USG: “Evangelicals are creating a vision for the less-privileged masses in Peru that aligns with our own” #cablegate

Cable on explosive devices planted in coca fields in Peru #cablegate

Categorizing politics in Peru — Baja Ecuador, or Upper Chile? #cablegate

From potatoes to tupperware: US assisted cocaine interdictions in Peru #cablegate

USAID suspended work in coca growing areas of Peru for 54 days in ’05 because of attacks/protests #cablegate

The total amount of poppy cultivation in Peru is unknown #cablegate

Benefits of US sponsored training of Peru cops? More business for nearby restaurants. No joke. (#9) #cablegate

Cable on mining conflicts in Cajamarca region of Peru @miningwatch

Cable on community referendum in Peru re: Majaz mining #cablegate

In ’07, there were at least 29,000 land mines along the Peru/Ecuador border #cablegate

A sure sign of development: “shopping malls are flourishing” #cablegate #Peru

Cable shows how US backed anti-drug police in Peru respond to protests by civilian groups #cablegate

USG on Peru, ’07: “the danger exists that simmering discontent could flare at any time into popular outrage” #cablegate

Cable acknowledges widespread unrest throughout #cablegate

USG trained prosecutors who carried out massive ’07 raid & seizure at Lima’s El Hueco market #cablegate #Peru

US Narcotics Affairs Section and UNODC planned to “sell” draft asset forfeiture law to Peru congress #cablegate

US Narcotics Affairs Section (NAS) running air, customs, canine & ports programs w/Peruvian cops #cablegate

Dyncorp trained Peruvian “air police” in use of night vision goggles #cablegate

Peruvian “Air Police” trained at Helicopter Adventures Inc. in Titusville, FL #cablegate

Peruvian anti-drug police trained at US Customs training facility in Virginia #cablegate

USG open to the idea that coca farmers plant IEDs in with their crops #cablegate #Peru

Billion dollar discrepancy in calculations of remittances to Peru #cablegate

2007 cable outlines counterinsurgency strategy in Peru #cablegate


In ’06 Uruguay had 1,897 troops deployed in Africa (MONUC) and 965 in Haiti (MINUSTAH) #cablegate


.@wsj lowballed Venezuelan gov’t compensation to Norway’s Statoil in ’08 #cablegate

Cable on Venezuela tar sands at Carabobo field and international oil companies #cablegate

USG threats to Ecuador should it allow Iran to open an Export Development Bank #cablegate

US oil co’s po’d Venezuela will only compensate them for book value (à la United Fruit, Guatemala, mid 50s) #cablegate

Oil execs visit US embassy Caracas “as if they were going to a counseling session or visiting a priest.” #cablegate

State dept hints that gov’t of Venezuela behind “false” rumors that USG to build military base in Paraguay #cablegate

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