Honduras: Who Should Really Be On Trial For the Rio Blanco Dam?

March 19, 2014 Brigitte Gynther 0

María Santos was walking home on March 5th, 2014, when seven people suddenly jumped out of hiding, surrounded her, and then attacked her with machetes, striking her head and chest. María has been a vocal leader in the struggle against the Agua Zarca Hydroelectric Dam, defending the Lenca territory of Rio Blanco and the Gualcarque River for her children and grandchildren to come. She is a tireless fighter in the struggle of the Lenca people of Rio Blanco to prevent DESA, a private dam company, from privatizing and building a dam on their river.


Honduras: Indigenous Tolupanes Return to Their Territory with IACHR Orders of Protection

March 6, 2014 Greg McCain 0

San Francisco de Locomapa is the site of a massacre that occurred on August 25, 2013. Armando Fúnez Medina (46), Ricardo Soto Fúnez (40), and Maria Enriqueta Matute (71) were murdered by Selvin Matute and Carlos Matute (no relation to Enriqueta). The latter two are hired guns for the Bella Vista Mining Company, which has been extracting antimony from the surrounding mountains without the consent of the community and with a mining concession that is in dispute.


Congress’ Last Stand: Privatizations among New Laws in Honduras

January 28, 2014 Sandra Cuffe 0

A new President has taken the helm in Honduras, but the more significant developments took place in Congress, where outgoing representatives spent their last few days passing a barrage of laws in a frantic final dash. Dubbed a “legislative hemorrhage,” more than 100 laws and almost as many contracts were passed between January 17 and January 20 following two weeks of already unprecedented activity that included Constitutional reforms.


International Election Monitors in Honduras: Do They Ensure Clean Elections or Whitewash Fraud?

December 11, 2013 Chuck Kaufman 0

If there was a proven track record in which election monitoring carried sanctions against electoral fraud and guaranteed that the will of the people is expressed through elections, then who could argue that monitoring isn’t a good thing? But there is no such record. In all too many cases “political, economic, commercial, and even partisan interests” prevail.


Honduras: Beyond the Eye of the Electoral Storm

December 4, 2013 Sandra Cuffe 0

“I think it’s necessary for the social movement to be clear that our role shouldn’t be an extension of a political party,” said Berta Cáceres. She hopes the Platform will make progress on and raise awareness about pressing issues that fell by the wayside – or were never on the agenda – for others who focused their energies on working towards the elections. “It doesn’t mean we can’t work with Libre on strategic issues.”


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The Results of the Elections in Honduras were Changed, Says European Union Observer

Leo Gabriel, Austrian journalist and member of the EU-EOM, stated that the vast majority of the members of the mission were in strong disagreement with the preliminary report. According to him, the disagreements about what happened on November 24 provoked a heated internal debate. Nonetheless, political calculations and business interests prevailed and [the EU-EOM] preferred to close their eyes and ignore the obvious changes made to the results and the violation of the Honduran people’s will as expressed at the ballot box.


The Different Souls of the Libre Party and Repression against Honduran Students

The sky over Tegucigalpa was filled with smoke on Tuesday afternoon outside the headquarters of the Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH). The students, outraged by the fraudulent election of President Juan Orlando Hernández, gathered at noon to hold an assembly inside the university. As soon as they took to the streets, there was a confrontation with the police.


Honduran Election Results Contested Amid Reports of Fraud, Intimidation

November 26, 2013 Sandra Cuffe 0

The tallying and transmission of voting results from the November 24 general elections continue, but so do widespread reports of fraud and intimidation throughout Honduras. Two political parties are not recognizing the results, announcing challenges in the courts and in the streets. “They don’t want an example to be set in Honduras where the people kick the oligarchy out at the ballot box and where the system changes in favor of the people,” said Libre party activist Nelson Orestes Canales Vásquez.


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