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Colombian “Magnicidio” Remains a Mystery After 60 Years

April 8, 2008 Paul Wolf 0

Nothing captures the imagination of the Colombian people, or is more emblematic of the Colombian conflict, than the unsolved mystery of the murder of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan on April 9, 1948. The sixty year anniversary of Gaitan’s assassination provides an opportunity to reflect on the origins of Colombia’s seemingly endless war. […]

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Protesters Target Canada’s Iamgold in Ecuador

April 8, 2008 Teresa Velasquez 0

Residents from the southern Ecuadorian province of Azuay used rocks and burning tires to block a stretch of the Panamerican Highway on April 2 to protest a planned industrial-sized goldmine, which they say will contaminate the local water supply. Canadian gold giant Iamgold has been eyeing entry into the region.

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How Green is the Latin American Left? A Look at Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia

Planning Oil Pipeline

Across Latin America, resurgent indigenous, labor and campesino movements have contributed to the rise of new governments that declare their independence from the neoliberal economic model, promise a more equitable distribution of wealth and increased state control over natural resources. But it is uncertain how far these new governments have gone to transform the ecologically unsustainable model of development that dominates the region. […]

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