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Military Crisis in South America: The Results of Plan Colombia

April 2, 2008 Raúl Zibechi 0

The military operative executed by Colombian soldiers on Ecuadorian soil to kill the FARC commander Raul Reyes is part of the strategy of the United States to alter the military balance in the region. In the crosshairs is Venezuelan and Ecuadorian oil; however it also serves as a check on Brazil as an emerging regional power. […]

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Crisis along the Rio Dulce in Guatemala: The Death of Mario Caal

April 2, 2008 James Rodriguez 0

Funeral Procession

The imposing Rio Dulce (Sweet River), one of Guatemala’s principal tourist attractions, has witnessed  the development of a transcendental conflict over land. Conflicts have arisen in the region where basic survival needs of entire communities cross paths with environmentally protected areas and business. On March 15th, a violent incursion by combined police-military forces ended with the tragic extrajudicial execution of local peasant leader Mario Caal Bolom. […]

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