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Argentina: The Creation of an Urban Guerrilla

October 30, 2008 Stuart Archer Cohen 0

Plaza de Mayo 1973

We all complain about politics, but have you ever wondered what makes a person pick up a gun and start violently resisting the government? The was one of the questions I wanted to answer when I started writing The Army of the Republic. So, when I decided to set my book about urban guerrillas in the United States, I had to look elsewhere to try to understand why people resort to violent struggle. I chose Argentina. […]

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El “Técnico” y el “Pepe”: Seeking Electoral Unity in Uruguay

October 29, 2008 Joshua Frens-String 0

With electoral campaigning ahead of the October 2009 elections kicking into high gear, the two presidential frontrunners for the “broad front” coalition—a former professor and the ex-Minister of Economy, Danilo Astori, and the ex-Minister of Agriculture and one-time guerrilla, José “el Pepe” Mujica—are living reminders of the road the Uruguayan left has traveled and the unique path on which it hopes to continue governing. […]

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Despite National and Global Distractions, the Popular Minga Marches on to Bogotá

October 28, 2008 Upside Down World 0

Bogotá, Colombia-As up to 6,000 indigenous protesters participating in the ongoing "Minga Popular" approached the city limits of Ibagué, in the department of Tolima, they were met by a squadron of mounted and special forces police known as ESMAD, as well as the Army, who were given explicit orders by President Alvaro Uribenot to let them into the main highway of the city. […]

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