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Free the Atenco 13!

November 25, 2008 Mumia Abu-Jamal 0

As economies crumble around the globe, states are becoming increasingly repressive, especially against those who are its political opponents and resisters. This isn’t a regional observation, but a global one. That tendency is seen in […]

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Suit Filed Against Salvadoran Ex-President Cristiani and 14 Former Soldiers for 1989 Jesuit Massacre

November 24, 2008 CISPES 0

As people in the United States held a vigil on November 22-23 to mark the 19th anniversary of one of the most horrific massacres of the Salvadoran Civil War, two human rights organizations have filed a criminal complaint with the Spanish High Court against former president of El Salvador Alfredo Cristiani and 14 former members of El Salvador’s armed forces for carrying out and covering up the atrocity. […]

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The Indigenous and Popular Minga Takes Over Colombia’s Capital

November 23, 2008 Mario A. Murillo 0

From the streets in the center of the city, to the Plaza del Ché at the National University where an international forum was held on Saturday, from the media centers of the indigenous movement to the dozens of meetings taking place around the city where "Mingueros" are discussing the five point agenda with all the sectors that are interested to listen, the enthusiasm and energy of the popular movement can be felt.


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Mass Indigenous Protest In Defense of Water Caps Week of Mobilizations in Ecuador

November 20, 2008 Daniel Denvir 0

Over 10,000 indigenous people from hundreds of Ecuador’s Northern Sierra (highlands) communities gathered to present the native movement’s proposed Water Law. Protesters chanted, “Water is not for sale, it is to be defended,” as speakers excoriated President Rafael Correa’s draft Water Law, saying that it could lead to privatization and pollution by mining companies. […]

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