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Danger Ahead: Correa Gives Mining the Green Light in Ecuador

November 12, 2008 Jennifer Moore 0

Band at anti-mining march

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa  has been celebrating a major victory since the new Ecuadorian constitution passed with 64% approval on Sept. 28. However, Correas says there is a "danger" to the realization of his plitical project. Remarkably, it’s not transnational corporations or the country’s oligarchy the president is worried about—it’s environmental, indigenous and leftist groups who are staunchly opposed to metal mining.


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Racism, Immigration and Profit

November 11, 2008 Shamus Cooke 0

To recognize the immigration issue for what it is — a classic example of the divide and conquer tactic — is the first step toward approaching the topic with an informed perspective. Employers benefit from a divided workforce, with the categories of “legal” and “illegal” being especially useful. In the same vein, the mega corporations who control the government benefit from a divided society. […]

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Connecting Struggles: Documentation from the Social Forum of the Americas

November 10, 2008 Maggie Von Vogt 0

March on Oct 12

The campus of the University of San Carlos, Guatemala City, rich with a history of youth and student movements, was the site of the Third Americas Social Forum from October 7-12 12, 2008. Those who attended the forum, participated in workshops, marches, and cultural events towards the goal of connecting and strengthening movements for justice and liberation in the face of neoliberalism, imperialism, and capitalism.


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