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El Salvador: Company Promoters Shred Social Fabric of Communities

November 18, 2008 Jesse Freeston 0

In El Salvador, the residents of one community are feeling the impact of mining long before any ground has been broken. Locals are talking about contamination – but not the kind caused by environmental pollutants – it is "social contamination" that is tearing apart the village of Trinidad, and a Canadian mining company that is being blamed. […]

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Peru: “If I Don’t Come Back, Look For Me in Putis” 

November 17, 2008 Larissa Hotra 0

On Nov. 13, in a crowded room at the Inter-cultural Center at Georgetown University, the audience traveled to Ayacucho, Peru and watched as the Equipo Peruano de Antropología Forense (Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team-EPAF) exhumed the remains of disappeared persons from the Putis massacre of December 13, 1984.  […]

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Despite National and Global Distractions, the Popular Minga Marches on to Bogotá

November 13, 2008 Mario Murillo 0

Bogotá, Colombia-As up to 6,000 indigenous protesters participating in the ongoing "Minga Popular" approached the city limits of Ibagué, in the department of Tolima, they were met by a squadron of mounted and special forces police known as ESMAD, as well as the Army, who were given explicit orders by President Alvaro Uribe not to let them into the main highway of the city.

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