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Activists Decry Arrest of APPO Members in Brad Will Murder

November 7, 2008 Kari Lydersen 0

Brad Will

Video footage shot as NY journalist Brad Will was gunned down in Santa Lucia del Camino, Oaxaca on Oct. 27, 2006 show police officer Juan Carlo Soriano running with an automatic rifle and Santa Lucia del Camino mayor Pedro Carmona firing a gun. Witnesses say these men along with PRI government official Abel Santiago Zarate and town official Orlando Manuel Aguilar Coello were Will’s killers. Yet now an APPO activist, Juan Manuel Martinez, is in prison charged with Will’s murder. […]

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Whither Ecuador? An Interview with Indigenous Activist and Politician Monica Chuji

November 6, 2008 Daniel Denvir 0

Monica Chuji

Monica Chuji is an indigenous Kichwa activist from the Ecuadorian Amazon. She served as an Assembly Member from President Rafael Correa’s Alianza País party in the National Constituent Assembly, drafting Ecuador’s new constitution. In September, she broke with Correa and left Alianza País, the culmination of months of increasing conflict between the President and Ecuador’s social and indigenous movements. […]

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No End in Sight: Indigenous and Popular Minga Continues, Debate with Colombian President Stalls

November 3, 2008 Mario A. Murillo 0

Three weeks ago yesterday, the Indigenous and Popular Mobilization began with a five point agenda of action directed towards the government and the entire nation. Now, after dramatic protests that included the blockade of the Pan American Highway, clashes with heavily armed state security forcesresulting in one indigenous activist killed and over 120 wounded, and a long, arduous march to the city of Cali, the Minga Popular continues, one day after the highly anticipated debate with President Alvaro Uribe. […]

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