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Chevron Wins Latest Round in Ecuador Pollution Case

March 6, 2014 Jim Lobe 0

In the latest twist in a 21-year-old environmental pollution case, a U.S. federal judge Tuesday ruled that the victims of massive oil spillage and their U.S. attorney could not collect on a nine-billion-dollar judgement by Ecuador’s supreme court against the Chevron Corporation.


Manufacturing Contempt for Venezuela

March 5, 2014 Cyril Mychalejko 0

The Venezuelan opposition has been skillfully using Twitter and Facebook to disseminate horrifying photos and testimonies of alleged government violence and abuse against protesters over the last few weeks. The problem with these allegations and images which have gone viral globally, and even used by media outlets, is that they are fabrications; many of the most viral photos allegedly from Venezuela have actually depicted images from places such as Syria, Chile, Brazil – and even a US-based porn site.


Ecuador’s President Correa Suffers Political Setback in Local Elections

March 3, 2014 Marc Becker 0

After seven consecutive electoral victories in seven years, Ecuador’s progressive president Rafael Correa suffered an unexpected reversal of fortunes in the country’s local elections on February 23. This defeat for the ruling Alianza País (AP) came only a year after Correa trounced the conservative opposition in the 2013 presidential and legislative elections.


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