Bolivia: A Country That Dared to Exist

March 17, 2015 Benjamin Dangl 0

Bolivia’s road toward decolonization is a rocky and contested one. But, as Bolivia’s Vice Minister of Decolonization Félix Cárdenas argues below, in a bleak world full of capitalist tyrants, bloody wars and racist exploitation, the country’s Process of Change under President Evo Morales continues to shine as an alternative to the dominant global order.


Elections in Bolivia: Interviews with Voters in the Streets and at the Polls

October 13, 2014 Benjamin Dangl 0

Today Bolivia went to the polls for a general election which is expected to grant victories to President Evo Morales and many other politicians in his Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) political party. (Update: Evo Morales has declared victory for a third term in office.) Here is a collection of brief interviews conducted today with voters from middle and working class neighborhoods in La Paz, Bolivia on how they voted and what they think of the MAS government.


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