Mexican Transgender Activist Agnes Torres Sulca Found Dead

Source: Feministing

Terrible news. Mexican trans rights activist Agnes Torres Sulca was found dead outside of her hometown of Puebla last week. Due to evidence of torture before she died, it seems quite clear that it was murder and likely a hate crime. LGBT advocacy organization Vida Plena Puebla made a statement:

“We condemn this crime against a woman, an academic, a psychologist, educator, role model and activist for human rights for women in general and for sexual diversity as a whole. We are distraught, pained, enraged and saddened by this crime, and feel powerless over how, yet again, a brave person has succumbed to the most brutal of gender-based violence… in this case, violence against a transgender woman.”

Vida Plena Puebla and tons of other organizations and supporters have been calling for an investigation — on Monday, nearly 2,000 people congregating outside of Puebla’s civic plaza demanding action. The social media response has also been enormous. Since this January, Agnes Torres’ is the 6th homicide of LGBT people in Puebla alone. She was 28 years old.

Here is a list of contact information to urge authorities to respond to their citizens’ calls for action, including the attorney general and the governor’s office.