U.S. Tries to Divide Honduran Resistance

The National People’s Resistance Front (FNRP) denounced the open intervention of U.S. ambassador Hugo Llorens in the internal affairs of Honduras and the maneuvers to divide the anti-coup movement.

Carlos H. Reyes, union leader and one of the leaders of the FNRP noted the increase in persecution and campaigns to weaken the Front, since the organization declared itself to be a political player in the struggle to take power.

“We are seeing the U.S. ambassador directing the actions of ministers, military and the president himself, and intervening in the internal affairs of the country,” declared Reyes.

Just as John Negroponte did in the 1980s, Hugo Llorens governs from La Paz avenue, politicking, making decisions, giving orders and conspiring, an editorial in the newspaper El Libertador claims today.

The article refers to the meetings held by the diplomat with members of the Liberal Party aligned with the resistance movement and with other organizations with the objective of dividing the FNRP.

“The Front has suffered attacks by the Proconsul. The strategy is repeated: divide and conquer,” the article states.

A recent communique of the popular movement confirms that the United States, through its ambassador, is attempting to give legitimacy to the government of Porfirio Lobo through a false national dialogue rejected by the majority of the population.

“Llorens is carrying out a labor of division in the country, trying to divide the resistance, but his dirty work is not bearing fruit,” said Juan Barahona, national coordinator of the Front.

The FRNP has reiterated that it does not recognize the government of Lobo and that it plans to convene a national poll on the question of a National Constituent Assembly on June 28th, the first anniversary of the coup d’etat.