Wikileaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, February 27 to March 6, 2011


Argentine prosecutor learns the fine art of bending over backwards to apologize to the US: #cablegate


Private sector perspectives on Lula’s presidency circa 2006. Summary: Audible sighs of relief: #cablegate


US weapons and training essential to the war in Colombia: #cablegate

Gov’t of #Colombia has to use the media to “talk” with the FARC: #cablegate

USG operationalized Colombian intel & GOC executed USG plans in 70% of 29 guerrilla takedowns in 05-06: #cablegate

Colombia, 2003: AUC founder Carlos Castraña gives a recipe for the “Bacrim” that today haunt the country: #cablegate

Colombian gov’t rotten to the core with paramilitary & narco ties, USG willing to believe it’s just gossip: #cablegate

Canadian company Canwest involved in sale of helicopters from Israel to paramilitaries in Colombia: #cablegate #cdnpoli

Cable traces military helicopters from US to paramilitary warehouse in Colombia, via Israel: #cablegate

Uribe took drug money in campaign donations and the USG doesn’t really seem to care #cablegate #Colombia

US-Colombia FTA wld help major sugar producers in Valle de Cauca (aka. the Lülle family), the rest lose: #cablegate

Ex-Governor of Valle de Cauca, #Colombia, voted for his own party (PDA) out of loyalty, not conviction: #cablegate


USG concerns w/Costa Rica-China normalizing relationship: human & drug trafficking: #cablegate

Interesting: China had no official ties with Costa Rica. #cablegate

Closest thing to a UFO cable yet: Costa Rica to Construct Plasma-Propelled Space Rocket #cablegate

Straight up random: USG warns diplomats not to eat peanuts if they go to Costa Rica: #cablegate

Tico anti-DR-CAFTA flick featuring Abu Ghraib, A-bomb & Judas kissing Jesus falls “just short of libel”: #cablegate

DR-CAFTA: US protected agricultural subsidies but Costa Rica couldn’t protect telecoms/insurance #cablegate

USG throws up barriers to “free trade” in an attempt to limit Chinese exports #cablegate

“Legislation to open the insurance and telecommunications industries” required under DR-CAFTA #cablegate


Canada-Mexico focus: cooperation & intel on migration, emergency mgmt, marine security & law enforcement #cablegate

USG: Canada seeking to “support Calderon’s efforts to reform the police, corrections, and judicial sectors.” #cablegate

USG 2009: “Clearly Mexico is not an impending failed state” #cablegate

Monterrey casinos are ideal places to launder money, rob someone, and deal drugs. #cablegate

USG: Televisa grenade attack in #Monterrey may have been carried out by political mafias, not drug cartels #cablegate


Still surprised at how much of a client state Peru is, extradition treaty only requires “probable” cause #cablegate

Those pesky judges! Peruvian judiciary an “obstacle” to US getting the extraditions they want: #cablegate

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