Wikileaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, March 14-20, 2011

Argentine Minister of Economy “likes to ski every season at Aspen and surf at San Diego-area beaches” #cablegate
Cristina Kirchener to USG: Chavez is “Caribbean” and “full of surprises” #cablegate
G7+: Argentina “could be expelled from the G-20” #cablegate
Argentina’s performance at G-20 has the US wishing they were more like Mexico or Brazil #cablegate
Principle Spanish commercial interests in Argentina: airlines, pension funds, energy, toll roads, telephones #cablegate
Canada carrying out $800 million upgrade to Embalse nuclear energy plant in Cordoba, Argentina #cablegate
Cdn Embassy & mining companies in Argentina teach local governments that cyanide is fine & dandy #cablegate
Canadian mining companies able to “work around” new taxes in Argentina w/help from Secretary of Mining #cablegate
USG gathered financial intel on Argentina in attempt to diffuse tensions at G20 re: world financial crisis #cablegate
USG: Key fiscalia officials manipulated investigations & prosecutions in para & narco cases #cablegate #Colombia
 USG tweaks bases deal so Colombia can “say they got something more than Ecuador” (did from Manta) #cablegate

Whoever said the cold war ended? Russia arms Venezuela, US arms Colombia #cablegate
2009: Uribe pushed Colombian negotiators to move “as quickly as possible” on bases agreement with USG #cablegate
Uribe: the problem with US soldiers carrying arms in Colombia is that congress would have to approve it #cablegate
Do Colombian politicos ever get tired of brown nosing the USG? Insane ’08 cable on bases, incl draft deal. #cablegate
Santos initially willing to have US make use of Colombian army bases without any formal agreement #cablegate
2006: Santos showed interest in a US Cooperative Security Location (CSL) in Colombia, but only done quietly #cablegate
Uribe claims that Chavez asked 2x for GoC help to fight criminal activity along Venezuela-Colombia border #cablegate
USG & Uribe discuss counternarcotics metrics. It’s clear that “drug war” is secondary part of Plan Colombia #cablegate
In 2006, Santos and Uribe insisted that the USG must participate in rescue of US hostages held by FARC #cablegate
Spain, France and Switzerland urged Uribe not to break off talks with FARC in 2006 #cablegate
USG, 2006: Human rights abuses at Mapiripan & San Jose del Apartado, Colombia, continue to raise concerns #cablegate
Full reparations for victims of Colombia’s armed conflict since ’64 wld cost up to $44 billion (33% of GDP) #cablegate
Cable alleges paracos Diego Sierra and Sor Teresa Gomez (linked to Mancuso & Castaño) killed Izquierdo #cablegate
Cable on 2007 murder of activist Yolanda Izquierdo in Colombia #cablegate 18 hours ago
Swiss mining giant Glencore used scabs protected by army during strike #cablegate #Colombia
Feb, 2010: After strike deemed “illegal,” Drummond fired “most of the 35-member union board” #cablegate
Chronicle of para murders of labour leaders in #Colombia, testimony linking Drummond to killings discredited #cablegate
Railway 41% owned by Drummond fired 16 union leaders after strike declared illegal #cablegate #Colombia
Drummond coal considered firing 20 union leaders if strike ruled “illegal” by courts #cablegate #Colombia
Colombia’s “Jungla” counternarcotics force is a “model for other countries” #cablegate
2008: Colombia’s mining & hydrocarbons sectors seeing “unprecedented increase” in investment & exploration #cablegate
Influx of Canadian mining companies in Colombian dept’s of Antioquia, Caldas, Choco, Santander, & Vaupes #cablegate
USG: Many of Drummond’s private security guards are former paramilitary who had operated in the area #cablegate
USG: Many Colombian coal reserves are in traditional zones of conflict in Cesar & Santander #cablegate
Drummond: If Colombia finds offshore deposits, pipeline to Panama & Central America might become feasible #cablegate
SINTRAMINENERGETICA’s Francisco Ramirez told USG he was “very happy” with Drummond settlement in ’06 #cablegate

Colombia, 2006: Drummond strike costs company $3.5m per day, worker demands would cost $5m per year #cablegate


Costa Rica prez Chinchilla told USG that she wld seek help w/recruitment and training of police officers #cablegate
Oscar Arias’s bro Rodrigo faced allegations of corruption in ’05 linked to Canadian landfill company EBI #cablegate

USG: Despite his phlegmatic and lugubrious bearing, [Oscar] Arias enjoys a reputation as a lady’s man. #cablegate


USG renewal of Andean Trade Preference Act before 2006 Ecuador vote wld help pro-free trade candidate Noboa #cablegate

USG assessment of drug violence in Tijuana circa November 2009 #cablegate #Mexico
USG casts doubt on former Tijuana security chief Lt. Col. Julian Leyzaola, who is now in Juarez #cablegate #Mexico

USG casts doubt on former Tijuana security head Lt. Col. Julian Leyzaola, who is now in Juarez #cablegate #Mexico

USG 2009: Violent crime is a fact of everyday life in Ciudad Juarez #cablegate #Mexico
2009: USG lends credibility to existence of additional Zeta-linked paramilitary groups in Juarez #cablegate
Juarez Mayor looked to set up paramilitary force of 2000 to guard banks, maquilas #cablegate #Mexico
Juarez Mayor Reyes Ferriz to USG, 2008: 100 percent of the municipal police force is corrupt #cablegate #Mexico
USG raises [theoretical] possibility that Mexican troops in Ciudad Juarez support the Sinaloa cartel #cablegate
Key cable shows level to which USG is active behind the scenes w/regards to security in Mexico #cablegate 16 Mar
US think tank NSIC “pitched” clandestine intelligence gathering strategy to GoM #cablegate #Mexico
USG: Mexico is “heavily reliant on the United States for [intelligence] leads and operations” #cablegate
USG: Mexico deploying a security strategy w/o strategical or tactical intelligence #cablegate
Must read cable on Mexico: policy wonks toss around security ideas with USG as if they’re talking chess: #cablegate 16 Mar
Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, “relatively safe” late 2009 Today it’s run by the Zetas #cablegate
GOM rep: Not enough strategic thought went into Merida Initiative in the early phase #cablegate
Bonus Mexico update: US ambassador to Mexico resigns over leaked cable #cablegate



Lugo claims Paraguayan Peoples Army (EPP) consists of 20-30 people #cablegate
Lugo draws fire for allowing “Latin American Youth for Change” Congress to take place at military facility #cablegate
Long ’09 cable on Paraguayan People’s Army & U.S.-trained Joint Rapid Response Detachment in Paraguay #cablegate