Wikileaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, March 7-13, 2011


Student protest shuts down speech by US Ambassador to Argentina on her fist visit outside of BsAs #cablegate

USG: At soccer games, do not wear the colors of, or cheer for, the visiting team #cablegate #Argentina

USG: Nestor Kirchner successfully co-opted half of the piquetero movement #cablegate #Argentina


USG: Lula’s Secretary General Guimaraes “a leftist ideologue viewed widely as an anti-American quack” #cablegate


Colombia: Aviation company nets coca eradication contracts while transporting drugs, laundering money #cablegate

Colombian military subcontracter to US in Afghanistan also active drug traffickers #cablegate

USG questions Colombian tendering process, intervenes on behalf of US arms manufacturer #cablegate

Internal “toxic” DAS files reveal links w paramilitaries & surveillance of journalists incl @hollmanmorris #cablegate

After denying mtg w/DAS to Colombian press, @joseobdulio admits to USG that he met w/DAS counterintel head #cablegate

Colombian judges investigating para-politica got wiretaps & home visits from unidentified armed men #cablegate

Ha! Colombian gov’t denies involvement in DAS wiretaps #cablegate

USG claims innocence in illegal DAS wiretaps (but USG did use DAS intel to deny visas to opposition) #cablegate

No solo es Naranjo, tambien Andres Penate acusa @JOSEOBDULIO de ser responsable por lo del DAS #cablegate

I can’t believe anyone takes @AlvaroUribeVel seriously, even for a minute: #cablegate #Colombia

DAS director assured USG that “tradition” of spying on opposition predates Uribe: #cablegate

Uribe’s fall guy? Fingers pointed @JOSEOBDULIO for para mtgs & DAS scandal: #cablegate #Colombia

2008 meetings between @alvarouribevel gov’t & paras in Casa Nariño: executive branch sabotaging judiciary #cablegate

2008 cable on Uribe’s attacks on supreme court, top cop says Uribe paid his advisors to undermine judiciary #cablegate

USG simply disagrees with those who challenge their version of the facts on the ground in Colombia #cablegate

Cable suggests thousands of missing weapons in paramilitary “demobilizations” in Colombia: #cablegate

Seriously, where do they find these people? Colombian politicians spill the beans with US over breakfast #cablegate

US, North Korea, ex-USSR, Bulgaria main sources for paramilitary arms in Colombia: #cablegate

US’s rose coloured glasses on Colombia are so dark they can just barely see anything at all: #cablegate

Colombian Peace Comissioner, 2006: GOC “limited in what it could do about localized paramilitary groups” #cablegate

Colombian Peace Comissioner: overtures to the FARC are subordinate to the GOC’s democratic security strategy #cablegate


How US tax $$ are spent: replying to ellipsis heavy emails from arms dealers #cablegate

American Airlines, a.k.a. Extradition Airlines: #cablegate

Weak attempt at showing results for Merida Initiative in Costa Rica #cablegate

What do US Marshalls give Central American cops in their post training goody bag? Hand-cuffs and leg-irons! #cablegate

2 1/2 USG staffers struggling to manage $10 million Merida Initiative budget in Costa Rica: #cablegate

American hotel owner “key player” in pilot program of direct donations from USG to local cops in Costa Rica #cablegate

Costa Rica Gov’t asked USG to develop training curriculum for new judges in 2009 #cablegate

Merida Initiative brings Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives & FBI reps to Central America #cablegate

US seeks “easy access” to fingerprint data in Costa Rica thru Central American Fingerprint Exchange #cablegate

Without an army, it’s Costa Rican cops that are cashing in on the Merida Initiative: #cablegate

Cable demonstrates lack of coordination between Washington and San José on Merida Initiative #cablegate

USG: “Another challenge will be to continue to highlight the benefits from CAFTA” as recession sets in #cablegate

USG’s twisted logic: Lack of DR-CAFTA would mean no tuna for school lunch programs or x-mas for orphans #cablegate

USAID created biz org in CR seeks FDI in medical devices, advanced manufacturing & professional services #cablegate

“The Arias administration has shown a new (and welcome) receptiveness to U.S. military assistance overall” #cablegate

In ’08-’09 Costa Rica was slated to receive over $15 million worth of militarized assistance via Plan Merida #cablegate

Rambling cable on ex-FARC/M19 members in Costa Rica shows US involvement in extraditions to Colombia #cablegate

2008 US warship visit to Costa Rica: First, “win over the community,” then, “educate the lawmakers” #cablegate

USG pushed CR to participate in Defense Ministerial of the Americas, blamed hesitation on “Tico Allergy” #cablegate

USG: SOUTHCOM seminar in Costa Rica helped “lessen the Tico allergy to things ‘military'” #cablegate

USG: “Important void” in Arias security plan due to lack of methods of control against local unrest #cablegate

List of US donations to Costa Rica includes micro recorders disguised as cigarette packs & eyeglass cases #cablegate

US Ambassador to Costa Rica sought funds to draft national security strategy w/incoming admin in ’06 #cablegate

Cable summarizes German, French, Dutch, British & Canadian anti-drug programs in Costa Rica #cablegate

USG funding large-scale clinical trial of a vaccine against human papilomavirus in Costa Rica #cablegate

Gov’t of Costa Rica asked US to intervene in border dispute with Nicaragua: #cablegate

USG training Costa Rican police & coast guards in attempt to interrupt flow of drugs to US markets: #cablegate


USG rundown on former Mexican Attorney General (AG) Eduardo Medina Mora Icaza #cablegate

USG: naming of former Chihuahua AG to key nat’l level AG post “politically inexplicable” #cablegate #Mexico

2009: USG hopeful for PEMEX reform as Calderon names a Chicago-boy to head it up #cablegate


Ottawa urged USG to back opposition demands re: alleged fraud in Nicaragua elections, not ask for recount #cablegate


Cable lauds controversial cellulose plant in Uruguay, right on Argentine border: #Cablegate


Cable outlines parameters for overt USG surveillance of Iranian activities in Latin America: #cablegate

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