WikiLeaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, Released April 25-May 8, 2011


Colombian cooperation w/US justice system “unprecedented anywhere else in the world” #cablegate

Cable on Betancourt rescue in Colombia. No mention of the Red Cross helicopter though… #cablegate

Uribe told USG in 2005 that Colombian army would consider making incursions into Venezuela #cablegate

Uribe strategy against drugs, circa ’05: Aerial and manual eradication, extradition, and crop substitution #cablegate

Uribe tells USG in 05 that Colombia ready to provide Afghanistan technical assistance and experience #cablegate

Uribe, 2005: “We are winning the war, but have not won yet and need to stay the course” #cablegate

2005: Progress in San Jose de Apartado and Mapiripan important for USG in Colombia #cablegate

The kind of debate going on in Bogotá, 2005: Paramilitary rebellion vs. sedition & impacts on extradition #cablegate

USG breakdown of Colombia “Justice and Peace” law for demobilizing paras #cablegate

Ex-Senator Pardo was ok w/US bases as prez candidate, claims he wrote bulk of Colombian demobilization law #cablegate

USG perspective on benefits from oral/accusatory court system in Colombia #cablegate

US oversees centralization of Colombian Marines, planning of bases on river borders w/Venezuela & Brazil #cablegate

Blindcorp makes an armored vehicle even the FARC could be proud of… #cablegate #Colombia

General Electric, America’s favorite taxpayer, taught vapor tracer tech to Uribe’s security detail #cablegate #Colombia

USG: “Colombia has the largest displaced population outside Africa.” #cablegate

’04 “US travel advisory warns against all travel to Colombia.” Trust us, everything’s fine… #cablegate

USG assisted Colombia w/switch to oral/adversarial court system in ’04, now doing same in Mexico #cablegate

USG, 2004: Many new AUC recruits are attracted by the potential benefits of a reinsertion program #cablegate #Colombia

Uribe told USG he would permit a unilateral US hostage rescue of three mercenaries held by FARC #cablegate #Colombia

Cable on Colombian army massacre of 7 police and 4 civilians in ’04 #cablegate

Cable details USG led militarization of Arauca, Colombia as means of protecting Cano Limon oil pipeline #cablegate

Colombian Jungla special forces trained cops in Jalisco, Mexico, in 2008, as well as in Kabul & Ecuador #cablegate

Avantel, Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, Google involved w/USAID in rural telecoms project in Meta, Colombia #cablegate

Colombian Colonel: Coca eradication spray planes took over 300 bullets in 2007 #cablegate

Since when does road building reduce the flow of drugs? Cable on USG funded road in Putumayo, Colombia #cablegate


US Embassy actions to counter “no bases” conference in Ecuador #cablegate

Cable on Aurelian Resources’ gold discovery in Ecuador #cablegate

USG: Gov’t of Ecuador “lacks the capacity to implement complex development or infrastructure projects” #cablegate

Concerning name for a cable: Combatting Ecuador’s increasing refugee population #cablegate

More evidence of US meddling to promote GMO crops in Ecuador #cablegate

How the government of Ecuador goes about asking US diplos to leave: #cablegate

US embassy in Quito requests funds for pro-biotech junket aimed at local journalists #cablegate #Ecuador

USG rundown on FLACSO in Ecuador #cablegate

US police training facility in Quito: Urbanizacion Mexterior, Calle Jose Alas 127 y Tomas Charipove #cablegate

USG to Ecuador, 2005: Mess with Occidental Petroleum, mess with us #cablegate

USG: Embassy democracy promotion in Ecuador helps prevent “self-inflicted, political death spiral” #cablegate

Cable on role of the military in Ecuador elections #cablegate

US blinded by conceit, thought Manta wasn’t ever gonna get shut #cablegate #Ecuador

US sees potential bonus of Ecuadorean role in UN occupation of Haiti: better cooperation with Colombia #cablegate

USG: Evangelical Indigenous group in Ecuador not opposed to free trade agreement. #cablegate

2004 cable on origins of landmines in Ecuador #cablegate

List of munitions Ecuador wanted US help to destroy. Wonder how long til they turn up somewhere else… #cablegate

Sketchy Correa family extractive industries nepotism in Ecuador #cablegate

USG connects Correa’s attempt to close Acción Ecologica with resistance to mining law #cablegate @miningwatch

Cable on Correa govt attempt to shut down Acción Ecologica: #cablegate #Ecuador

Fascinating cable details the conditions that come with US security assistance #cablegate #Ecuador

USG “pushed hard” to ensure that if Ecuadorean delegation traveled to Caracas, they meet with opposition #cablegate

USG: Ecuador wants bilaterals w/US & Canada w/few, if any, conditions (ie delinked from anti-drug programs) #cablegate

USG concerns in Ecuador: pharmaceutical licensing, closing of Manta, Chevron case, dealings w/Iran #cablegate

Virginia based auditing company claims Sprint & ATT ripping off Ecuadorean gov’t #cablegate

USG on a particularly foolish Correa media-muzzling policy: #cablegate #Ecuador

“The USG does not recognize new governments, except in rare circumstances for political objectives” #cablegate #Ecuador

A revealing cable. USG provides list of “anti-American digs,” including non-violence, adherence to Kyoto… #cablegate

A note on Bucaram’s homecoming, by horseback & helicopter with fire in the sky… #cablegate #Ecuador

USG 2005: Ecuador seems to totter constantly on the verge of becoming a failed state #cablegate

After Katrina, Gov’t of Ecuador offered 100-120,000 boxes of bananas… In varying states of ripeness #cablegate

USG: If the State Department server crashes, we’ll have a backup… On hotmail! #cablegate


USG: 90% of military origin weapons in Mexico traced to Central American military stocks [uh, sold by USG] #cablegate

USG: Drug related violence in Mexico “not the harbinger of failure” #cablegate

Key cable on the outcomes of an “unprecedented” bilateral meeting between US and Mexico #cablegate

USG/Mexico security rel’n “well past a sterile debate over the risks to Mexico’s sovereignty” #cablegate

Mexico & US sought to create “intelligence fusion center” #cablegate

USG: ex-Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora an ebullient “gringo handler” #cablegate #Mexico

Arms sold by US to Mexican gov’t diverted to criminal groups #cablegate

USG 2008: Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office officials compromised by the Sinaloa cartel #cablegate

E-Trace software for tracking arms seems doomed to fail in Mexico #cablegate

Mexico’s point man for Plan Puebla Panama calls initiative “underwhelming” #cablegate


Ortega’s personal secretary is Ghaddafi’s nephew #cablegate

USG on Ortega after 100 days: “‘Gringo Bashing’ is Back…” #cablegate

USG’s man in Nicaragua sat on US side of the table until reminded he was incorrectly positioned #cablegate

USG pulled some serious maneuvers against Iran in Nicaragua, encourages rel’n w/Iraq instead #cablegate

USG: All local Islamic leaders are involved to varying degrees in a variety of illegal activities #cablegate #Nicaragua

USG: Palestinians in Nicaragua well connected & involved in both legitimate and illicit activities #cablegate


“Egregious corruption in the courts poses a threat to U.S. economic and security interests in Panama” #cablegate

Taiwan keeps ties with Panama for the low low price of donating one jet to the President #cablegate

USG knows Panama Prez Martinelli is connected to illicit activities, but chooses to do nothing #Cablegate