WikiLeaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, Released May 9-22, 2011


Samuel Moreno, ex-PDA opposition leader in Colombia, compares Uribe to Chavez #cablegate

Cable on magic laptops that somehow survived bombing of FARC camp w 38,000 files & 200,000+ images intact #cablegate

GoC planned to use info in supposed Reyes/FARC laptops as leverage against govts of Ecuador & Venezuela #cablegate


Baja California governor asked Schwarzenegger for biometric data of prisoners released & deported to Mexico #cablegate

Cable on assassination of ABL. Kinda like a Mexican version of OBL, no? #cablegate #BeltranLeyva

USG, 2010: Arrest of El Teo a major blow to AFO Cartel in TJ, but violence would continue #cablegate #Mexico

DEA & ICE involved in operation that netted Zeta member El Canicon in Monterrey in ’09 #cablegate

Ex-US Ambassador Pascual sought danger pay for all US diplomatic staff in Mexico except those in Merida #cablegate

Gov’t of Mexico & UN agree to promote human rights in the army #cablegate

Plan Merida Phase 1 was about hardware, Phase 2 about policing and judicial reforms #cablegate #Mexico

9,000 Mexican cops trained at US funded police academy in San Luis Potosi in 2010 #cablegate

USG second guesses stats showing security improvements in Tijuana #cablegate

USG intones current Juarez top cop made a deal with faction of Arellano Félix while he was in Tijuana #cablegate

USG: Hank is widely believed to have been a corrupt mayor and to be still involved in narco-trafficking #cablegate #TJ


USG contempt for FSLN in Nicaragua alive and well #cablegate

USG: Nicaragua police chief “has no faith in the Nicaraguan judicial system” #cablegate

USG concerned that Nicaragua gov’t has an arsenal of thousands of surface to air missiles #cablegate

USG makes some damn damning claims about the Nicaraguan justice system #cablegate


USG urged Panama to name “strong manager” as Security Minister, not necessarily a security expert #cablegate

Martinelli to US ambassador via Blackberry: “Get Silver. You have my blessing. Need to meet every week.” #cablegate

US “progress” in Panama: convince the VP that crime is the country’s biggest problem #cablegate


As Fujimori polls ahead in Peru, keep in mind the USG admits they can’t properly poll Humala supporters #cablegate

USG 5 point plan to counter Chavez in Peru, includes using democracy promotion groups to criticize GoV #cablegate

USG: Anti-drug policies are the most controversial element of US-Peru relationship #cablegate

Cable details US support for police training in coca-growing regions in Peru #cablegate

USG calls Ollanta Humala “fascistic” and a “brown shirt” #cablegate

US trade rep in 2005 told to address “need for Peru to develop now a political strategy to sell the FTA” #cablegate

Possible opium cultivation pretext for increased state presence in Indigenous held lands in Peru #cablegate

Cable on prep to smooth the way for SOUTHCOM mission in northern Peru, 2005 #cablegate

Peru’s cocaleros demanded that USAID & NGOs leave their area or face the consequences #cablegate

USG quite happy with internal divisions in Peru’s cocalero movement #cablegate

2005 cable on US counter narcotics strategies in Peru #cablegate

Newmont hired more than 100 sociologists to study community concerns at Yanacocha mine in Peru #cablegate #wtf

Cable on allegations Humala’s wife rec’d payments from Chavez gov’t #cablegate #Peru

Cable on alleged distro of ALBA-core (get it?) tuna cans in Peru with Chavez’s face on the label #cablegate

Biographical cable on US favorite Hernando de Soto #cablegate

USG 2006: Ollanta Humala “ultra-nationalist, radical, anti-system candidate” #cablegate #Peru

Ex-Peru prez Alan Garcia agrees to go to bat for Exxon-Mobil in tax dispute #cablegate

2 kinds fools in Peru: those who refuse to believe anything Garcia says & those who accept him at face value #cablegate

Peru ex-prez chalks up discrimination against Peruvians in the US to language #cablegate

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